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About Us

For Dr. Kain Walker (Chiropractor), purchasing North Rockhampton Chiropractic from the previous owner Dr Kenneth Lorme was a no-brainer! That’s because Dr Kain’s wife, Emma Reddy, hails from Rockhampton and the two were married here.

When Dr Lorme indicated he had plans to move to Brisbane, he wanted to see if Dr Walker and his family could envision themselves moving to Rockhampton. It was an easy decision for the family. The chiropractors also share similar philosophies so it just made sense for Dr Walker to take over North Rockhampton Chiropractic. Dr Walker and Emma love the area and are happy to be close to Emma’s family.

Our Mission

Helping you to be at your best! We want your health to be better than okay!

It’s our goal that you enjoy great health so you can participate in all the activities you love in life. You might want to see your golfing ability improve, or find relief from aches and pains from playing rugby or even gardening. Whether you want to improve your game or simply enjoy better health, we’ll help you be as good as you can be.

Health is important, and we want to take care of you for a lifetime instead of just patching you up when injury occurs. We love having the ability to get people well and keep them well!

We Value Your Well-being

Dr Walker has offered chiropractic care to Rockhampton families since late 2015. Our clients include everyone from bankers to builders to miners. We see lots of families, too, and find it gratifying to provide natural and gentle chiropractic care to a wide variety of patients. Dr Walker has an excellent reputation and is very thorough. He takes his time with patients so you will never feel rushed here.

We love working with people who value their health!

Helping You Attain Wellness

Our natural practitioner will help you through three distinct stages to reach a high level of wellness:

  • Relief care. Our goal during this stage is to eliminate or reduce your discomfort and stabilise your health. Visits are usually more frequent, typically two to three per week.

  • Corrective care. We’ll work towards correcting the incorrect structure that’s resulted in your spinal problems. Together, we address the muscular and ligament imbalances, improve spinal function and promote the healing of your soft tissues. Visits are less frequent, usually weekly or fortnightly.

  • Wellness care. Most clients choose supportive care to maintain a properly functioning spine and nervous systems. This wellness care may stop small problems before they deteriorate, allowing your body to express fully its natural abilities. Your frequency of care will be consistent with the stresses in your life and we may see you monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

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